Webinar για την ελληνική αγορά φωτοβολταϊκών από τον ΣΕΦ και το Solarplaza

Webinar για την ελληνική αγορά φωτοβολταϊκών από τον ΣΕΦ και το Solarplaza


Upcoming Webinar

Status and opportunities of the Greek solar PV market

Tuesday 24th of September – 15:00 CEST // 16:00 EEST

Greece has around 2.7 GW of solar capacity installed, and is currently experiencing a revival since the initiation of the tender program last year. The pipeline of projects is significant, but the Greek authorities face challenges with regards to providing the necessary licenses and connecting assets to the country’s national grid in time.

As a prelude to The Solar Future Greece, we are organizing a complimentary webinar with Stelios Psomas, Policy Advisor at HELAPCO, Greece’s national solar PV association. Join the webinar for a quick, comprehensive and interactive way to get the latest updates on the opportunities in the Greek solar market,


  • Status, history and outlook of the Greek PV market
  • Impact and overview of the tender program
  • Current and future developments and opportunities

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